Heartwarming Life Lessons From Judy Blume

Ever felt extremely frustrated but couldn’t quite find the words to express it? Books can eloquently describe the emotions we’re feeling better than we can — and there’s no one who can capture the uncertainty of growing up like young-adult author Judy Blume.

These seven heartwarming quotes from the author’s novels not only poetically capture life’s ups and downs, but also offer us some important advice. Scroll through the list below to find some solace in the words of Judy Blume.

Enjoy all of life’s moments:
judy blume 1
Summer Sisters

Don’t let fear hold you back:
judy blume 2
Tiger Eyes

You have time:
judy blume 3
Summer Sisters

The most important lessons can often come from unexpected sources:
judy blume 4
Tiger Eyes

Never stop learning about the world around you:
judy blume 5
Summer Sisters

Cherish your relationships:
judy blume 6
Best Friends, An Autobiographical Essay

Be present:
judy blume 7
Summer Sisters


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